Sunday, February 6, 2011

Anticristo, a movie after my own heart

Despite the fact that it was not made by fellow Americans, this Anticristo movie, by Lars von Trier, is one of the most touching and beautiful odes to mankind. Kudos, von Trier!

I simply couldn't hold back tears of approval when a computer rendered fox, feasting on its own bowels, paid homage to the fundamental principle of the Universe and uttered the words: "Chaos reigns". Indeed, chaos reigns, and order is but a possibility in the infinite myriad of realities; if anything, the existence of order only makes chaos tastier and more shocking - chaos creates order, order creates the fox and its bowels, chaos makes the fox eat its own body, thus perverting everything more than ever.

(the blank space below can be read by selecting the text, though I strongly advise the faint of heart not to do so)

The obvious apex of the Anticristo experience is when the woman cuts away her... self with a pair of scissors, after unearthing her half-dead husband, buried after she pierced his leg with and iron bar and jerked him off for a bloody ejaculation.

I didn't think the director would have the guts to show all of this, but he did; the camera never deviated to spare the faint-hearted viewer. Kudos, von Trier! Not many people share your stomach for absolutely horrific images. I do.

Unfortunately, the fool which I inhabit couldn't watch your nightmare and changed the channel, so I can't say more than I already have: the movie is awesome. Keep up the good work!


William Attenborough said...

Thou art the most despicable man to ever roam this fine orb, Eggman. How can one spout such horrid images in such a cold demeanor?

Chaos is the fragment, order is the whole. Chaos is the exception, order is the law. A fox never doth consume its own bowels, except in the minds of twisted men as thyself.

Laoziano said...

More energy, order. Less energy, less order. Chaos simply does not exist. The name of the energy? Tao.

Bio Tao said...

Attenborough's Echidna...

William Attenborough said...

Sir David Attenborough, my descendant, discovered several species throughout his years of research. I always watch him on Animal Planet. There is even a dinosaur named after him, "Attenborousaurus conybeari".

Sir David is proof of my bloodline's inherent ability to excel.

Walrus Eggman said...

Pfah, humans are always desperate to prove chaos doesn't exist or isn't the only rule of the Universe. Entropy will prove them wrong, pulling apart their beings with multifarious tortures no human mind could ever conceive.

Anonymous said...

Entropy is but a smaller part of all the jumpable swirls of genetic.

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